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 History of the Brownell Family

The Descendants of Thomas and Anne Brownell


Portsmouth, Rhode Island

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Welcome to the Brownell Family History Web Site

 When Thomas and Anne Brownell left London to sail to New England in 1638, they could not have imagined that 360 years later they would have had tens of thousands of descendants spread across all of North America. This web site is an attempt to tell the story of Thomas and Anne and their descendants, as well as the events, ideas and people that shaped their lives and thus influenced our own lives. In addition to names and dates, I'll be providing information about major historical events, how they influenced the lives of Brownell family members and the roles family members played in those events. The history of the Brownell family reflects the history of America. Understanding one helps us understand the other.

To truly understand and know our ancestors, to answer the why? behind their actions­actions that made us what we are today­we have to know more than names and dates. We need to understand the world and the times in which they lived. What made them decide to emigrate to America? Why did some move ever westward? What were these people­our ancestors­like?

In almost 25 years of researching the Brownell family, I've had the opportunity to visit locations in Rhode Island, Canada, and England that are significant to our family's history. For four years I published a family history newsletter called The Brownell Chronicle. In it I shared the results of my research and my travels. This web site is an opportunity to share this history with even more people.

Many parts of this site will be changing as I update information and add more. As new items are added, the old ones will be archived, with an index, so that they will always be accessible to all visitors. As I did with The Chronicle, I will progress in chronological order beginning with the arrival of Thomas and Anne Brownell in America in 1638. I'll also explore the origins of the Brownell family in England. For a preview of what will eventually be included on this web site, take a look at The Brownell Chronicle page. Many of the stories listed next to each issue of The Chronicle will eventually be posted to this site.

Please take a moment to sign the guestbook and to give me your thoughts and ideas for this site. Explore the rest of the site, bookmark it, enjoy it, and come back again soon!

This site last updated on September 24, 1999

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