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The Brownell Chronicles

The Lives and Times of the Brownell Family

The Brownell Chronicle was a family history newsletter published from 1994 to 1998. There were twenty issues in that four year period. The content of each issue is listed below. The Chronicle told the history of the Brownell family in America from 1638 to about the time of the Civil War in a newspaper format. Vital statistics of the first four generations of the Brownells in America are given. There is also an extensive look at the origins of the Brownell family in England, with material never before compiled or published.

As time allows, many of the stories and other information in The Chronicles will be added to this website so that you will be able to click on the title of an article and be linked with the full text of the article. For now you can click on the titles that are in gold and underscored. That will link you to that specific article.

Back issues and full sets of The Brownell Chronicle are stilll available for purchase. For more information e-mail me at


Issue 1.1

  • Brownells Arrive In America
  • English Ancestry of Thomas Brownell
  • From The Editor
  • The Settlement of Braintree, MA
  • Why They Came
  • Genealogy­Your Greatest Adventure
  • Crossing the Atlantic
  • A Change In Time
  • Issue 1.2

    Issue 1.3

    Issue 1.4





    Issue 1.5

    • Second Generation Comes of Age
    • From The Editor
    • Thomas and Anne Brownell's Family
    • Quakers Come To New England
    • A Numbers Game
    • The First Thanksgiving
    • Family Matters



    Issue 1.6

    • Land Lures Brownell's To Little Compton
    • From The Editor
    • The Settlement of Little Compton
    • Everyday Life in Early New England
    • Mary Brownell Establishes an American Dynasty
    • Why 'Little Compton'?
    • Reference Sources


    Issue 2.1

    • Brownells Develop New Roses
    • From The Editor
    • The Hazard Family
    • Family Matters
    • Everyday Life in Early New England
    • George Brownell
    • George Brownell's Family
    • Did You Know?
    • Brownell Reunion

    Issue 2.2

    • Vandals Destroy Brownell's Dam
    • From The Editor
    • Prenuptial Agreements
    • Everyday Life In Early New England
    • Sarah (Brownell) Freeborn
    • The Freeborn Family
    • Oops!
    • Map of Rhode Island


    Issue 2.3

    • Brownells Among Rhode Island Slave Owners
    • From The Editor
    • Records of Slave Ownership
    • Everyday Life In Early New England
    • Robert Brownell
    • Martha (Brownell) Waite Dyer
    • Robert and Mary (Ladd) Brownell's Family


    Issue 2.4

    • Brownells Disperse and Diversify
    • From The Editor
    • Education In Early New England
    • William Brownell
    • The Family of William Brownell
    • Anne (Brownell) Wilbur
    • The Family of Anne Wilbur


    Issue 2.5

    • Brownells Go North To Canada
    • From The Editor
    • Map of Nova Scotia
    • Thomas (2) Brownell
    • The Family of Thomas2 Brownell
    • How Many Jeremiahs?
    • The Planting of Nova Scotia
    • Thomas (2) Brownell's Will


    Issue 2.6

    • Brownells Involved In Revolution
    • From The Editor
    • Oops!
    • Mary Hazard's Grandchildren
    • Brownells In The Revolutionary War (part one)
    • Building An Army
    • Sarah Freeborn's Grandchildren


    Issue 3.1

    • Brownells Fight For Rhode Island
    • From The Editor
    • Vital Records Missing
    • George Brownell's Grandchildren
    • Brownells In The Revolutionary War (part two)
    • Robert Brownell's Grandchildren
    • More War Stories
    • Oops!


    Issue 3.2

    • Brownell Families Split Over Revolution
    • From The Editor
    • Loyalist Appeal
    • Loyalists During the Revolution
    • Joseph Brownell­American Loyalist
    • William Brownell's Grandchildren
    • Brownells Return To Rawmarsh
    • The Life and Times of Herbert Brownell


    Issue 3.3

    • The Brownell Family­Back To Adam?
    • From The Editor
    • Oops!
    • How Do You Say Brownell?
    • Anne Wilbur's Grandchildren
    • The Scams Keep Coming
    • Thomas Brownell's Legacy Paid
    • More On Herbert Brownell
    • Christmas In New England


    Issue 3.4

    • Early Brownells Were Sheep Farmers
    • A Note About The Numbers
    • From The Editor
    • Words Help Explain History
    • Genealogy Still a Hot Topic
    • Thomas Brownell's Grandchildren
    • Brownell Family Tree · Genealogy­A Matter of Life and Death?
    • Bradfield­The Village and The Church

    Issue 4.1

    • Brownell Families Go West
    • From The Editor
    • Wanted­Missing Ancestors
    • Brownells of Bradfield
    • Americans and the Western Frontier
    • Bounties Encourage Western Settlement
    • Sarah Brownell: In Her Own Words
    • The E. E. Brownell Collection
    • Family Tree: The Brownells of Bradfield, Stannington & Hope Woodlands


    Issue 4.2

    • Brownells Join Mormon Exodus
    • From The Editor
    • Little Compton Families Available Again
    • Mormons Search For A New Zion · Mormon Battalion Joins in War With Mexico
    • The Brownells of Ecclesfield
    • St. Mary's Of Rawmarsh
    • Family Tree: The Brownells of Ecclesfield


    Issue 4.3

    • Brownell Awarded First Medal of Honor
    • From The Editor
    • Margaret Who?
    • Martha's Stepfamily
    • The Brownells of Norton
    • School Named for Bishop Brownell
    • Laura Brownell Collier
    • A Town Named Brownell
    • Building Named for Dr. Brownell
    • Wanted­Missing Ancestors
    • A Yorkshire Saying


    Issue 4.4

    • The Brownells of Rotherham and Rawmarsh
    • From The Editor
    • The Church of St. Benet's, Paul's Wharf

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