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 Thomas Brownell's Land Dispute


that vpon ye Complaint of mr Thomas Brownell at the towne meetinge afore said against mr John Portar about a small parcell of land which wos in diffrance betwen them it is Ordred that Mr John Roome Mr John Sanford Mr. John Brigs James badcocke ffrances Braiton all fiue or any three of them are by veartew of a towne ordar bearinge date ye 11th of may 1661 to meet and to make an End of ye diffrance which is betwen mr John portar and mr Thomas Brownell about there line which is in Controvercy or othere bounds of land which is in Question betwen them, accordinge to ye Records, and not only for them, but for all othere diffrences of the like Nature betwen man & man amongst vs, and that these fiue or any three of them shall Ishew ye Cause and bringe there Result to ye towne


The Result


Wee whose Names are here vnder subscribed beinge Chosen and Authorized by ye Townsmen of portsmoth, at there Lawfull meetinge, to Straighen the line, and Sett the trew bownds betwene the land of mr John Porter, & the land of mr Thomas Brownell, Latly Richard Carders, & to straighten the Rest of the said line aboue mr porters land at Round meddow There fore wee hauinge well veiwed the Line & seriously Considred ye Records there abouts, haue Accordinge to the best of our Judgments & Vndarstandings impartialy Run the said Line as followeth Viz Next ye sea it is bownded by A stake Standinge on the East side of mr Brownells now Standinge fence, the second marke is anothere stake standinge allso on the Eastward or meddow side of the now standinge fence, the rhird is about three foout on the Eastward or meddow side of A dead Snagwood tree, the forth is A maple tree standinge on the Eastward side of the fence, the fifth marke is a beach tree standinge on the Eastward side of the fence and Neere mr porters head line, the Sixt Marke is an ould dead stump stnading with in ye land which william wilbor Clames, the seuenth is a white Oake Standinge on the Comon side of william wilbors head line, the Eight and last is a winde falen birch tree which is the vpermost Corner, And to this aboue writen thay subscribe there Names the first of Octobar 1661

 John Brigs
John Sanford
James Badcock
frances Brayton


The above records were transcribed as written from The Early Records of the Town of Portsmouth, edited by the Librarian of the Rhode Island Historical Society and published by E.L. Freeman & Sons, Providence, R.I., 1901, pp. 104-105.

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